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Accurate analytics and fast business responses are king in today’s global markets. Data and metadata are at the root of these business decisions. So, when it comes to backing up crucial business data through your data protection solution, the protection of metadata should be just as important. But why?

Generally speaking, metadata is data about data. More precisely, metadata describes data containing specific information like type, length, textual description and other characteristics, which would make it easier to retrieve, use and manage this data.

There are two primary reasons why metadata is indispensable. For one, metadata helps classify and organize business data. Second, metadata helps enterprises gain deeper insights into the actions taking place across their business.

Making Data Searchable

Every day, huge amounts of new business data is created and stored within CRM platforms like Salesforce. As the storage of this valuable data mounts, it can become problematic sifting through this information to locate specific data, in real-time. The concept of metadata was born from an organization’s need to quickly search and find records. By attaching human-applied, descriptive information about certain pieces of content, it is then much simpler to generate a comprehensive list of data according to your search criteria.

For instance, if a sales organization is searching through their entire Salesforce repository for healthcare clients residing in a particular region who have shown interest in an additional product or service you offer, the use of metadata for this list of clients can help speed the process significantly. Otherwise, without the presence of metadata, a CRM search engine could not positively identify the data sets a user seeks because the business data was not properly classified.

The Building Blocks for Business Intelligence

Aside from helping classify data and retrieve it quickly, metadata is also essential in gaining valuable insight from business data. Amidst a large volume of business information, uncovering developing data trends can shed light into the effectiveness of certain business processes, ways to maximize marketing tactics, or other areas for improvement. In order to make stored data actionable from an analytics standpoint, meta descriptions need to be populated in the appropriate meta fields.

From locating the data, to analyzing the data, to understanding the data, the existence of metadata streamlines the intelligence gathering process for BI (business intelligence) groups, allowing them to be more efficient in their work. With more time on their hands they can focus on creating new business value for their organization as opposed to getting bogged down in manual data discovery.

Conclusively, metadata is the glue that holds all our data together and helps us align data sources so that we can understand and be informed by our data, and use it to make smarter decisions for our businesses. The enormous data silos of today overwhelm organizations and must be navigated properly. It is metadata that makes this possible.

We, at OwnBackup, specialize in the back up and recovery of both data AND metadata. The metadata that we back up, also includes things such as Apex Code, Profiles, Permission Sets, etc.  These are all vital to a company's Salesforce Org...if they were to be broken or compromised, the ability to restore them is critical.  In some cases, a company may derive a substantial portion of their use of Salesforce in something that was written in custom code.  This is all backed up in addition to the objects and fields used to house the data.

Check out our backup product page if your are in the market for a comprehensive backup and recovery solution for your Salesforce information.