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Customers are innovating on Salesforce as part of their digital transformation journey. What exactly is digital transformation and what does it have to do with OwnBackup? Glad you asked!

Salesforce digital transformation with OwnBackupDigital Transformation refers to the adoption of digital processes and tools to achieve strategic business goals. A major digital transformation could put your company on the path to minimizing costs, enabling better decision-making, and improving customer experience. Some of the steps along the digital transformation journey can include implementing Salesforce Customer 360. Other typical steps along this journey include mergers and acquisitions, Lightning Transition, compliance initiatives, enhancing Salesforce Shield, org migrations, integrations, and sandbox development, testing, and training.

During the process of building or expanding digital transformation projects, accidental data loss and corruption could happen. If unnoticed, lost or corrupted data could negatively impact your digital transformation. 

Digital transformation relies on accurate and available Salesforce CRM data...as do winning sales departments! That’s where OwnBackup comes in to help shore up your digital transformation.

Enhancing Salesforce Shield

Salesforce Shield helps track, prevent, and deter unauthorized changes. Specifically, Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption relies on a unique tenant secret that you control and a master secret that's maintained by Salesforce. To access your data, Salesforce combines these two to create your unique data encryption key. Salesforce uses that key to encrypt data that your users put into Salesforce, and to decrypt data when your authorized users need it. 

If these tenant secrets are accidentally lost or destroyed, you may no longer be able to access your data. 

OwnBackup backs up your encryption keys and enables you to recover if changes happen.

A Safety Net for Mergers and Acquisitions

During a merger or acquisition, you’re often combining two or more separate Salesforce orgs into one. Merging two or more CRM systems puts your orgs at risk of creating duplicates or overwriting data. Specifically, when merging metadata, the configurations and process builders that you are including need to be reviewed. If not carefully monitored, these merges can put your business in jeopardy.

OwnBackup provides tools to compare metadata and a safety net if something goes wrong.

Compliance for GDPR, CCPA, SEC 17a-4, and HIPAA

Many regulations require data backup, archiving, and recovery policies, even in the cloud. 

OwnBackup supports regulatory and internal policy compliance for backed-up & archived data.

Here’s how investment management company, Walter Scott, remains GDPR compliant with OwnBackup.

With OwnBackup, Walter Scott can easily search within their backup archives to find PII and swiftly respond for Subject Access Requests. Unlike other cloud-to-cloud backup competitors, OwnBackup allows Walter Scott to maintain full control over responding to Subject Access Requests with their self-service interface. Additionally, full data retention controls enable their data governance team to align with internal corporate policies. OwnBackup aligns with GDPR Article 32, secure data processing of PII, by encrypting data in transit and at rest and ensuring immutable/unchangeable backups.

Peace of Mind During Customer 360, Integrations, and Org Migration

Customer 360, integrations, and org migrations can be highly-transformative projects for your business, but they may involve some risks. One of those risks involves potentially updating hundreds, thousands, or even millions of records through automated processing. 

Before beginning one of these projects, make sure you are aware of any automations and configurations that could update data without your knowledge.

OwnBackup will proactively monitor erroneous changes to protect your company’s data integrity. As an added precaution, you’ll also be able to retain depreciated org data and metadata in any database format and easily export all data and files.

Here’s how commercial real estate company, NorthMarq, minimizes data migration risk with OwnBackup

After a competitive vetting process with other backup vendors, NorthMarq selected OwnBackup as their data protection partner because of their impressive set of capabilities and their easy-to-use interface. With NorthMarq’s massive data migration project on the horizon, they understood the need to have a data protection foundation in place before commencing any transfer of critical business data into their Salesforce environment. NorthMarq wanted to spend less time, money, and energy searching through data logs and previous backups to find lost or corrupted data. In addition, OwnBackup aligned with NorthMarq’s RTO. This helped NorthMarq effectively minimize downtime, protect their data from a potential data loss or corruption, and continue to seamlessly provide services to its clients and users.

With the help of OwnBackup, NorthMarq could identify any data that had been modified or altered during the migration process. OwnBackup supported NorthMarq as they seamlessly migrated all existing data from their legacy CRM system to Salesforce by reducing the risk of a data loss or corruption.

BONUS: An additional anonymous customer story about an uncontrolled integration. 

A North American bank got themselves into a data loss scenario just 20 days after becoming an OwnBackup customer. During an overnight batch job with an ETL tool integration, a bug got into the system. So instead of updating 20,000 loan records, 20,000 loan collateral records were deleted. Luckily, with OwnBackup, the bank quickly realized the deletion had occurred and was able to rapidly restore the deleted records.

A Safety Net for Your Lightning Transition

Lightning functionality could significantly accelerate your Salesforce journey. The new interface was built to support organizations as they modernize their digital operations. All future Salesforce innovations will be made in Lightning. For this reason, a strategic transition to Lightning will be necessary for a successful digital transformation. 

Before you transition to Salesforce Lightning Experience, secure your business with a solid data protection foundation. 

OwnBackup helps keep migration initiatives on track by mitigating the risks involved.

Here’s how professional services company, Adecco, accelerates their Lightning transition with OwnBackup.

OwnBackup gave Adecco USA peace of mind throughout their Lightning Transition. From the beginning of the transition, Adecco USA regularly compared recent data and metadata snapshots against previous snapshots to ensure no unexpected changes occurred during any rollout stage. As a persistent safety net during this major Salesforce transformation, OwnBackup backed up Adecco USA’s production and sandbox data as well as their metadata daily and on-demand.

From a development perspective, regular metadata backups enabled Adecco USA to compare production and sandbox backups before deployment in order to avoid failures.

Due to their large number of attachments, Adecco USA experienced challenges when converting attachments to Lightning files. The process took their team several weeks to complete. After their attachments were converted to files, they were permanently deleted to save storage space. OwnBackup not only secured this process through regular backups of Adecco USA’s attachments and files, but the solution’s unlimited file retention also enabled Adecco USA to go back and restore any lost attachments or Lightning files if needed.

With OwnBackup, Adecco USA has transitioned to Lightning with confidence, knowing their Salesforce data will remain safe and sound.

Accelerate Development, Testing, and Training within Sandboxes

Effective sandboxes include realistic data relationships and anonymized data sets. Without these, your sandboxes may not be as effective as you intended.

OwnBackup accelerates sandbox development, testing, and training.

Here’s how energy company, SJI, speeds up development almost 4X with OwnBackup Sandbox Seeding.

OwnBackup Sandbox Seeding helps SJI run faster development cycles and testing. This OwnBackup product ensured the seamless deployment of clean and precise data sets. For example, SJI needed to build out a new org quickly due to a recent acquisition.

SJI was very impressed that they were able to populate seven different sandboxes with real-time test data in less than 30 minutes each. OwnBackup Sandbox Seeding was able to save SJI close to two hours in their development process per individual sandbox... that’s 14 hours given back to the company for other innovative projects.

Ready to Shore Up Your Digital Transformation with OwnBackup?

OwnBackup is on duty 24/7 in case something goes wrong during one of your transformational projects. We give customers peace of mind by:

  • Minimizing data loss risk and costs
  • Maintaining regulatory compliance
  • Addressing enterprise data governance
  • Aligning with business continuity strategies
  • Meeting standard enterprise RPOs and RTOs
  • Maintaining full relational data integrity

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