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Salesforce is widely used by businesses around the globe to manage sales and customer relations, providing companies with an extremely effective tool to grow their business. This cloud based service makes it possible for sales teams to manage their leads no matter where they are without the need for heavy software. Such a powerful tool holds crucial information for the growth of a company and deserves to be handled with care. That’s why a Salesforce Backup is absolutely essential.

Salesforce Backup Is It Necessary

Companies these days are so versatile. Many are spread over different countries with sales teams around the globe. Using Salesforce makes it possible to do this, but it also creates a dependency. You depend on Salesforce to keep all your information safe so that you can get on with job of growing your business. Considering this, a Salesforce backup is a sensible step to take.

There is no way of knowing how safe your information is. Account hijacking and account security are still issues that many technology companies deal with on a daily basis. In fact, in 2007 Salesforce suffered a successful phishing attack which compromised contact information of a number of Salesforce customers.

Combine this with the fact that simple human error is the most common reason for data loss - you can see the sense in making sure that vital information for the future of your company is kept safe.

Founded in 1999 and on the stock market by 2004, Salesforce has grown rapidly having acquired many companies along the way. But taking into account the ups and downs of a company in these financially challenging times who’s to say what the future holds for Salesforce. Where would you be without the important information in your Salesforce account? A Salesforce backup would give you peace of mind that such crucial data is secure.

A Salesforce Backup Would Be Smart

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