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The pressure and excitement of digital transformation projects can lead to a hasty implementation before a well-considered data protection foundation has been put in place. Without the proper data infrastructure, digital transformation could end in company-wide chaos. This can be seen throughout history through projects that have failed due to lack of foresight and consideration of the critical foundational elements.

The Story of the Tower Built on a Faulty Foundation

The Tower of Pisa, for instance, is not an extraordinary building, in comparison to other famous buildings. It’s not the oldest, or the tallest, or the most beautiful. Yet, its name and image are instantly recognizable worldwide. “The Leaning Tower of Pisa” is essentially famous due to a major flaw that was made in the execution of the building process. Long before the tower was completed in 1372, it had already begun to tilt off-center. That slow-motion topple has continued over the six centuries since construction stopped.

The Tower of Pisa was built on a faulty foundation. The ground beneath the lowest portion of the structure was too soft to support its weight, so it began to sink on one side. The original builders of The Tower of Pisa, who began the work in 1173, didn’t give proper attention to the foundational elements of their project. That’s a flaw we’ve repeated over and over again throughout history.

A major digital transformation consists of various implementations, migrations, and integrations that could impact your business data. Therefore, the first step on your digital transformation journey should be to set up a solid data protection foundation. In the chaos of building the infrastructure digital transformation projects will need to grow and thrive, accidental data loss and corruption could happen. If unnoticed, lost or corrupted data could become a permanent flaw in your Salesforce instance, potentially setting up your digital transformation for failure.

6 Aspects of a Solid Data Protection Foundation

Before you embark on your digital transformation journey, secure your business with a solid data protection foundation. Business risk is high during these transformative initiatives, which means it’s critical to have a data, metadata, and attachment backup and recovery strategy in place beforehand. Your data protection strategy should:

1. Back up all of the data, metadata, and attachments daily, wherever it exists and restores it fast, at any scale and granularity.

2. Leverage indexing, archiving, and search capabilities that allow you to efficiently find and identify lost or corrupted data.

3. Reduce complexity with an independent, consolidated backup system, rather than multiple backup and recovery products and methods.

4. Enable compliance with industry and government regulations, including GDPR.

5. Provide proactive data change alerts so you are the first to know about a data loss or corruption.

6. Meet stringent privacy and security policies with advanced authentication, encryption key management, and access controls.

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