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In a world where data is the beacon of light for every company running on the Salesforce Platform, you must do everything you can to protect it from the villains of self-inflicted data loss and corruption. Cloudia and Owen, OwnBackup data protection superheros, battle four villains of data loss as they play a devious role in deleting and corrupting company data with bad code, rogue integrations, malicious activities, and accidental deletions. Insekto, Invalidator, Trashman, and Steve are on a mission to delete and corrupt companies’ internal SaaS data, wreaking havoc in your Salesforce ecosystem!

Earlier this week, OwnBackup launched the “Which Infamous Data Villain Is Lurking at Your Company?” quiz. Touching upon the four critical causes of data loss and corruption: accidental deletion, bad code, rogue integrations, and malicious deletion, this quiz helps companies identify data villains among their employees.

OwnBackup Salesforce Data Loss Quiz

These four Data Loss Villains could let data loss and corruption run rampant in your company:

OwnBackup Villains
  • Steve has the best of intentions, but is the one responsible for accidentally deleting or corrupting data.

  • Trashman enjoys maliciously deleting data on purpose to get silent, but deadly revenge on the company.

  • Invalidator spends time messing up integrations.

  • Insekto hates testing, so simply deploys buggy code right into production.


Just like Steve, humans are not faultless when it comes to data loss. We all make mistakes, sometimes ones that can cause a company serious problems. In many organizations, several employees often have administrator permissions. When one employee alters the data incorrectly, it can result in data loss or corruption that may go unnoticed for days or weeks. With no comprehensive backup and recovery strategy in place, unintentional deletions or errors can send a company into crisis mode. 

An unfortunate truth is that “Trashman” of the world compromise data from within a company’s database on purpose. Malicious intent is insidious. With regular turnover and insufficient controls, an employee with delete access was let go. This ex-employee could delete accounts from Salesforce, leaving no way to retrieve them, unless the company has an effective backup and recovery strategy.

Integrated Applications may unexpectedly, and inconspicuously, alter data, similar to the Invalidator data villain, causing accidental data corruption. To further improve and modernize daily operations, companies are integrating their Salesforce platforms with an increasing number of external applications and systems. It is important to combat integration-inflicted data loss with a comprehensive data protection solution.

Like Insekto, developers and admins can accidentally or carelessly deploy buggy code and workflows into Salesforce. This can cause serious data corruption if developers and admins, are not being sufficiently careful.

Take the “Which Infamous Data Villain Is Lurking at Your Company?” quiz today and find out which data villains may be hiding in plain sight at YOUR company.