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One of the major new features in our Spring 2015 Release is the ability restore all the data in your salesforce org back to a previous version.

While many data loss scenarios warrant a more granular approach to recovery using one of our smart restore tools, there are still those disaster scenarios in which you just want to roll back the clock on your entire org. Now, for the first time ever that is possible with OwnBackup’s new Full Org Restore capability.

In situations where a data loss occurs but initially goes undetected, the Full Org Restore also gives you the ability to compare two snapshots in the past and restore only the changes between those two snapshots. This approach lets you restore only the records that were affected by the deletion/corruption, without overwriting, or deleting any of the new & desirable data that had been created since.

To use the Full Org Restore, start by selecting the org that experienced the data loss. Then select two snapshots: one just before the data loss, and one just after the data loss.

OwnBackup Snapshot Selection

The tool will then proceed to compare the two snapshots to identify any and all records and attachments that appear in the snapshot before the data loss, but do not appear in the snapshot after the data loss, and any records that were changed.

Next it shows you a summary of all the records that need to be restored and updated back to their prior state in the snapshot just before the data loss. The purpose of the summary is to give you complete visibility into all of the records that were deleted or changed so that you know exactly what’s going to happen when you proceed with performing the Full Org Restore.

OwnBackup Full Org Restore

When you click “Resume Job” the records will be restored including all of the relationships between those records.

The power of this tool is its speed, simplicity and scalability. With OwnBackup’s Full Org Recovery, even a backup admin who is not familiar with the application architecture can quickly recover from a major data loss or corruption in And Full Org Recovery is suitable for orgs of any size with any number of records.

So don’t leave your data unprotected any longer. Sign up for a demo today to see how OwnBackup can help you protect your enterprise data in