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It all started with the personal computer, the PC. Our PCs hold files that we want to save. Begging the question, what is the best way to backup our information? Storage and backup solutions have evolved so much in the past years. Remember floppy disks? Then came the zip drive and soon after USB keys and external hard drives. The problem has always been how do you backup your backup?What happens when the hardware malfunctions or just deteriorates with the normal wear and tear?

When it comes to backups, we want to know that no matter how much data, information and content we gather, there will always be space for it and it will always be safe. This is where online backup comes in.

Online Backup Works Best

The whole idea of the cloud is that it’s limitless, allowing you to save all your data and access it easily without having to deal with clunky storage solutions that will ultimately fail.

Operated by an ISO 9001 certified company providing data salvaging and protection services to Fortune 1000 customers, OwnBackup goes to extreme measures to ensure that your files are kept safe and are accessible to you alone.

State of the art security is used throughout the system and routine security audits by top security researchers are performed. The privacy and security of your online backup is top priority.

Online Backup of Your Online Data

Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Salesforce – these platforms are used extensively by people and businesses creating incredible amounts of data that needs to be saved and stored. Although these companies offer formidable services, there is no way of knowing how safe our data is. From account hijacking and simple human error to technical issues, there are many ways in which our data can be lost. Don’t take that risk and get an online backup.

Ownbackup offers a unique service that enables you to backup your ever increasing online data from the services mentioned above. Try it now.