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As we adapt to a world of social distancing, live, in-person events have experienced a massive pivot. One silver lining to events going virtual is that it has allowed people to attend who otherwise wouldn't have been able to due to time or budget constraints.

TrailheaDX, Salesforce’s developer event of the year on June 25th, is no exception. This year’s event is expected to be the biggest ever, with nearly 20,000 people having registered at the time of writing of this.

Here are some things to look forward to at this year’s event.

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1. Earn a New Trailhead Badge

Looking for some (virtual) event swag? All attendees will have the opportunity to receive a TrailheaDX Community badge. Watch out for more details at the event.

2. Catch the Surprise Keynote

This year’s event will feature a special luminary keynote speaker. Who is it? Not even we know (and if we did, we wouldn’t tell).

3. Learn from Salesforce Experts

TrailheaDX is first and foremost, a learning event. This year’s event includes four broadcast channels (developer, admin, architect, and community & ecosystem), 45 product demos, and 36 content episodes featuring the latest technology. The event will also feature a roundtable Q&A with Salesforce executives Bret Taylor, Parker Harris, and Sarah Joyce Franklin.

4. Connect with Fellow Trailblazers

There’s no replacing face-to-face interaction and sharing a meal, drink, or conversation. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still make connections and network with other attendees and speakers. And since everything is online, attendees can easily record important information, like people’s names, titles, etc., right on their device.

5. Give Back

Each year, TrailheaDX gives attendees multiple ways to give back. This year, it feels more important than ever. Join forces with fellow Trailblazers during the event and make the local community a little better than before.

Bonus Reason: Discover How You Can Innovate Faster with OwnBackup 

As you make your way around the virtual event, you won’t want to miss the unveiling of our revolutionary new approach to seeding Developer, Developer Pro, and Partial Copy sandboxes at the OwnBackup booth.

We’ll also cover this new product during these two TrailheaDX sessions:: 

  • Overcome the Challenges of Sandbox Seeding: OwnBackup’s VP of Product Marketing, Matthew Hutchison, and Enterprise Solutions Engineer, Adam Layman, will discuss the top challenges of sandbox seeding and present a demo of how Enhanced Sandbox Seeding solves those challenges.
  • Customer Spotlight: In this pre-recorded session, OwnBackup customers Ciena and AGCO will discuss how Enhanced Sandbox Seeding has helped them speed up development, testing, and training. 

Want an early look at Enhanced Sandbox Seeding before TrailheaDX? Request a demo below.

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