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Are you feet hurting yet? That’s how you know it’s the end of day two at Dreamforce ‘19...hope you saved enough energy for Dreamfest tonight!

Let's start with the end of the day: A major shark attack crisis was averted during the Admin Apps Demo Jam. In less than three minutes, the OwnBackup team was able to compare, restore, and save a life. Tune in tomorrow as we compete in the Mega Demo Jam.

Earlier in the day, we participated in five informative sessions. These covered a wide range of topics and involved some big-name organizations.

How AECOM Manages a Complex Salesforce Environment was presented by Elizabeth Southerland, Sr. Director, Engagement Solutions at AECOM, and Christine Jessen, Director of Solution Engineering at OwnBackup. During this session attendees discovered how AECOM protects their complex data structures, manages their voluminous environment, and lives by Salesforce data management best practices. To learn more about how AECOM protects their complex Salesforce environments and accelerates development with OwnBackup, check out their customer story.

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Next, we joined Mike Mihnovich, Business Analyst at Adecco USA, for his 7 Lessons Adecco USA Learned During their Lightning Transition session. Due to the complexity of their org, Adecco encountered unexpected obstacles while making the transition to Salesforce Lightning. If you haven’t switched to Lightning yet, this session is jam-packed with helpful tips and tricks, including how OwnBackup can help. If you missed it, watch out for the recording from Salesforce later this week.

Christine Jessen, Director of Solution Engineering at OwnBackup, presented her second session of the day, How to Boost Salesforce Productivity with Sandbox Dataset Optimization. During the session, she demoed OwnBackup’s greatly enhanced Sandbox Seeding capabilities. If you missed it and are interested in learning more, come to the OwnBackup Developer Forest booth for a demo tomorrow.

Cargill Accelerates Digital Transformation with a Strong Technical Foundation was presented by Kim Gandhi, Global Salesforce Program Manager at Cargill, Tyler Rebman, Digital Experience Platform Product Owner at Cargill, and Chris Bull, Sr. Enterprise Account Executive at OwnBackup. Cargill has undergone an enterprise-wide digital transformation on top of multiple, large, diverse Salesforce environments. During the session, Kim and Tyler showed our audience how OwnBackup helped Cargill’s Salesforce team move fast, gain market share, and de-risk throughout their digital transformation.

Our last session of the day was 7 Steps to Recovering Lost Salesforce Data Using Weekly Export Backup Files, presented by Mat Kennedy, Partner Enablement Manager at OwnBackup. During this session, Mat discussed the process and challenges of recovering lost data using the Salesforce Weekly Export copies. If you missed it, download our eBook for step-by-step instructions on how to recover lost Salesforce data using the Weekly Export.

The fun at the OwnBackup Arcade (Booth 1832) continued today with Plinko. Stop by tomorrow and play to win Dreamforce-Edition OwnBackup Beer Steins, Dreamforce-Edition OwnBackup Socks, OwnBackup Stickers, OwnBackup Lunch Tote, OwnBackup Beach Balls, and OwnBackup Whiskey Stones.

Need a place to go for lunch tomorrow? Think Outside the Boxed Lunch at the OwnBackup VIP Lounge at Delarosa Restaurant. We’re open for the rest of Dreamforce ‘19 for food, drinks, and fun. Click here to learn more. Or just stop by and say hello!

Take a stroll over to The OwnBackup Boardwalk, campground booth 613, to eat ice cream and snacks, while learning how to Shore Up Your Digital Transformation!

That’s all for day two folks...Here’s what we’re looking forward to on day three.