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We started bright and early at the Developer Forest. The OwnBackup team demoed their greatly enhanced Sandbox Seeding capabilities. OwnBackup Sandbox Seeding enables development teams to anonymize, replicate, and accelerate innovation. Tomorrow is your last chance to come to the OwnBackup Developer Forest booth for a demo.

At the same time, the OwnBackup VIP Lounge at Delarosa Restaurant opened for breakfast. We’ll be open for the rest of Dreamforce ‘19 for food, drinks, and fun. Click here to learn more. Or just stop by and say hello!

A little later in the morning, The OwnBackup Boardwalk, campground booth 613, opened to serve bagels, ice cream, and snacks, while teaching visitors how to shore up their digital transformation!

There was a line down the boardwalk to play Plinko and win prizes at the OwnBackup Arcade (Booth 1832). Stop by tomorrow and play to win Dreamforce-Edition OwnBackup Beer Steins, Dreamforce-Edition OwnBackup Socks, OwnBackup Stickers, OwnBackup Lunch Tote, OwnBackup Beach Balls, and OwnBackup Whiskey Stones.

A little later in the day, we participated in four informative sessions. 

Lihod Rachmilevitch, VP, Solution & Service at OwnBackup, kicked off our first session of the day, How to Protect Sensitive Information with OwnBackup Sandbox Data Anonymization. During this session, attendees learned how OwnBackup Sandbox Anonymization capabilities enables customers to efficiently mask large volumes of sensitive sandbox data in minutes, speeding up development and QA cycles, while remaining compliant with relevant regulations and corporate data security policies.

Next, we joined Anders Nyhus, Program Manager at Caterpillar, for his Managing 5 Pillars of Governance and Compliance in a Multi-Org Environment session. Caterpillar manages a wide array of businesses and applications in 26 separate production Salesforce orgs, many of which involve billions of records, thousands of users, and dozens of sandboxes. This session covered the policies and controls their company are required to meet, detailed how they have met them, and provided a few examples of how they have helped Caterpillar keep their business running smoothly.

Did you know that human error is the most common cause of data loss and corruption? That one of the many facts attendees learned at Backup and Recovery Strategies to Minimize User-Inflicted Data Loss Risk, presented by Gina Marques, CRM Manager at OwnBackup. Attendees left this session with strategies they could begin implementing immediately to minimize their business risk.

OwnBackup’s last session of Dreamforce ‘19 was Optimize Your Salesforce Backup and Recovery Strategy, presented by Lihod Rachmilevitch, VP, Solution & Service at OwnBackup, and Rich Kline, VP, Solution Engineering at OwnBackup. During this 40-minute Breakout Session, attendees learned how to:

  • Identify the best data and metadata backup strategy for their companies. 
  • Build out and test their Salesforce data recovery plan. 
  • Navigate the challenges you they may face during a real-world Salesforce data loss or corruption.

Yet another shark attack crisis was averted during the AppExchange Mega Demo Jam. In less than three minutes, the OwnBackup team was able to compare, restore, and save a life. Congrats to Mogli for taking the win!

Tonight, OwnBackup will host the 5th Annual Dreamforce Charity Poker Night. The sold-out event is expected to raise more than $30,000 for the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Poker Night@3x

Day three has come to a close...Here’s what we’re looking forward to on the last day of Dreamforce '19.