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The common notion for cloud platforms (and cloud apps), especially those designed for the enterprise, is that your data is forever protected.

While ServiceNow takes great care to make sure your data is secure and available at all times, that does not mean your data is safe from user-inflicted data loss (e.g. human-errors, malicious employees, 3rd-party app integration), data corruption or malware.

Recent research papers by Gartner and Forrester emphasize the need for enterprises to have independent backups for their cloud data.  The need stems from lack of sufficient built-in data-protection tools for user-inflicted data-loss and due to regulatory requirements.

While ServiceNow can use their backups to help you recover from a user-inflicted data-loss or corruption, you may find that their backup policies do not align with your corporate policies or needs.

Specifically, here are 3 reasons to keep independent backups of your ServiceNow data:

  1. ServiceNow instances are backed-up on a daily basis and kept for three (3) weeks (or one week for sub-production instances).  Many enterprises are required to keep backups for 6-months or even 7-years.
  2. Restoring from ServiceNow’s backups can take hours to complete, during which the instance is down. Furthermore, the restore will overwrite desirable changes that had been introduced after the backup (e.g. reverting to a backup from 3 days ago, will overwrite all changes from the past 3 days).
  3. Mechanisms (and plugins) that could reduce the risk of data-loss require manual setup & can be disabled by malicious users with admin rights. Such mechanisms also have various limitations, for example, attachments cannot be “undeleted”.

If you are interested in backing up your ServiceNow data, OwnBackup's solution provides daily, secure, automated backups. Customers can select the backup retention that meets their organizational needs (e.g. 1-year, 7-years, unlimited, etc). Additionally, OwnBackup users can utilize state-of-the-art tools for comparing specific tables, or the entire database to identify and restore the desired data, including attachments, and references, regardless of the settings on the database or the users/admins' accidental/malicious acts.

Sign-up for a 30-day free trial with OwnBackup and try our ServiceNow backup tool yourself.