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Just this week reached another impressive milestone. To be more precise, the Appexchange,’s business app-store reached 3 million installs.

While the Appexchange is a great marketplace for businesses applications, it’s success is indicative of the success of the salesforce platform as whole. As more and more business are moving their critical data and custom applications on to the salesforce platform, so too are more and more businesses building applications on the platform to help customers of save time, money, and generate value.

While is not the only platform that we support here at OwnBackup, it certainly has been a key to our growth as a company. Many people don’t know that OwnBackup has been listed on the salesforce Appexchange since June 2012, longer than almost any other salesforce backup and recovery solution. As such, we have been working with customers now for nearly 3 years and they are indeed the people to which we owe many thanks for helping us to build the most advanced backup and recovery solution available.

When OwnBackup first launched our salesforce backup and recovery solution on the appexchange, we knew that we had a good product but it was early. As more and more salesforce customers found us over the appexchange and shared their challenges and stories with us about loosing salesforce data and the difficulties of recovering that data from the weekly export, we were able to incorporate that feedback into our solutions to evolve the product to where it is today.

And our customers responded with positive feedback.

Backup for Salesforce Appexchange reviews


For years now we have been the #1 ranked backup and recovery solution on the appexchange and we plan to keep it that way.

The Appexchange has been been a great way for our incredible customers to let us know that we’re doing a good job, and one of the best ways for us to collect feedback on our product. In just a few days our Spring 2015 release will go live. This is our most exciting release yet and nearly all of the new features started out as ideas that we heard from customers who found us over the Appexchange.

Alas without the Appexchange one can only speculate where OwnBackup and the thousands of other companies who have built a business on the appexchange would be today.

In summary thank you for building such an excellent market place on the Appexchange. You’ve created a space where your customers and partners can learn from each other and thrive. We celebrate with you today!

Congrats on 3 Million Installs!!