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OwnBackup's latest insights, collected at Dreamforce 2017 from over 1,000 respondents, uncovered the true state of Salesforce data backup and recovery. Click here to download the infographic.

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The survey results showed that most companies using Salesforce are unprepared for a data loss. In fact, 88 percent have no comprehensive backup and recovery process, even though 24 percent have experienced a Salesforce data loss. Since it is human nature to hold off on changes until something bad happens, like a data loss, these results may not be surprising. Unfortunately, our results only found a 4 percent difference between most companies and those that have lost data...

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84 percent of companies have not learned from previous data loss or corruption. Most companies still have no comprehensive process for backup and recovery, even if they already experienced a data loss.

How does data loss and corruption occur in Salesforce? Here are the top causes of Salesforce data loss:

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Accidental deletion, with 34 percent of the responses, was by far the most common cause of Salesforce data loss. Another frequent cause was bad code (23 percent). Tied for last place, but certainly just as deadly, was rogue integrations (5 percent) and malicious employees (5 percent). 

Do you have an effective Salesforce data backup and recovery process in place to protect your company against the villains of data loss and corruption?
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