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Salesforce Trailhead Trivia Challenge


We all love Trailhead, it is a fun, interactive way to learn all things Salesforce. As you complete trails and earn more badges, your knowledge grows exponentially. How about Trailhead Trivia?


By Matthew Kennedy, Pre-Sales Engineer, OwnBackup

Webinar: Proactive Salesforce Data Management for the Large Enterprise

Large enterprises have unique data management challenges...

Their sizeable, complex Salesforce environments can be challenging to manage efficiently and cost effectively. There are only 24 hours...

By Julia Salem, Content Marketing Manager, OwnBackup

Salesforce Data Loss Can Be Costly

Data loss happens more often than you would think. Your data is safe on Salesforce, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe from your users or program integrations. When data loss occurs, it can be...

By Bridget Piraino, EVP Marketing OwnBackup

Salesforce Backups: If you liked it then you should’ve put a LABEL on it!

Labels are useful for companies that are already backing up their data. Why backup data? For data protection and recovery purposes in the event of data loss. Other reasons to backup data include...

By Ori Yankelev, VP Sales OwnBackup

How to Inspire Your Users to Embrace Salesforce

You love Salesforce, but your users are averse to changes in procedure or hesitant to adopt new technologies. As a Salesforce admin or developer this makes it challenging to motivate your...

By Julia Salem, Content Marketing Manager, OwnBackup

Spring '17 Ahead with OwnBackup: New Release Sneak Peak

Be the first to know about what’s coming up in our next releases. We’ve collected your feedback, mixed it up in our innovation machine, and are ready to give our customers a preview!

By Julia Salem, Content Marketing Manager, OwnBackup

Understanding the Real Cost of Salesforce Data Loss

The cost of Salesforce data loss may be higher than you would expect...

Your organization has hundreds to thousands of users, and numerous external applications uploading, editing and deleting...

By Julia Salem, Content Marketing Manager, OwnBackup

5 Salesforce Backup and Recovery Missteps to Avoid

Data is the lifeblood of most modern businesses. Don’t believe me? Try to imagine your day-to-day work life without Salesforce. Difficult, right? You’re not the only one who relies on...

By Lihod Rachmilevitch, Pre-Sales Manager, OwnBackup

Top 4 Elements of Outstanding Customer Service, Per New Salesforce Research

Salesforce recently released its “Second Annual State of Service” report, providing key insights into how top service teams are transforming to accommodate and exceed expectations as customers...

By Julia Salem, Content Marketing Manager, OwnBackup

Greetings from Salesforce’s Tahoe Dreamin’ Event

Deep within snowy Lake Tahoe, OwnBackup’s Salesforce experts, Emma and Mat, brought the heat, and won the App Battle by showing off the impressive data recovery technology OwnBackup’s customers...

By Julia Salem, Content Marketing Manager, OwnBackup

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